Missions - Kenya, Africa


Consolate ALUOCH - Mercy Children's Home

Consolate was a professional businesswoman in Nairobi when God put a burden on her heart for the lost children of Kenya.  In 2001, she travelled into the “back blocks” of Kenya to Uriri with nothing but God blessed her in so many ways. Mercy Children’s Home was founded in 2001 by Consolate who approached the local Welfare department to tell them that she was willing to raise orphaned children. It was not long before she was caring for ten children in two small rooms.

In 2005/2006 African Action International (AAI) partnered with Consulate and the orphanage now houses up to 50 children who have come from horrific circumstances. Mercy also has a school with up to 300 students.

Many Lakes Community Church members sponsor children at Mercy Home. We always welcome new sponsors as more and more children come to Mercy Home.


Enquiries: 03 5155 3277 (church office)

African Action International https://africanaction.org.au/